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ÉDITORIAL : "You don’t say"

The Review, mercredi 6 février 2008


You don't say

This editorial space is devoted weekly to taking a stand on something wrong and making a suggestion to address it or fix it. It can also be a tribute or description of an individual or a group doing something right.

We hope that in many cases, our editorials and the stories we cover air grievances that need airing, point to work that needs doing or bring pressure to bear in a way that will make a difference.

We don't write pieces for your approval and don't expect it, either. It is a kind of responsibility which feels as if we write for those who can't or won't have their say in public. We also write as part of the public record. What we will leave behind are the thousands of words and pictures reflecting our times.

As we write about the increasing pressure on our area food bank volunteers to meet the growing demand, take note that there are no letters to the editor from the hungry. We have no reports of hungry delegations visiting councils. The needy are not present at political party fundraisers or government funding presentations. But we know there are hungry people for whom a working wage is insufficient to feed their families.

And then there are those who try to speak up. We hear from you when we report on highway work delays, or when you disagree with how politicians have spent our funds, or when something just plain takes too long to get resolved. Sometimes this newspaper is the confessional where the involved citizen's most desperate questions are asked as disillusionment slowly dawns.

And from this seat, it sometimes feels like disillusionment is rampant. Because while we know that you are out there, in all your wildly varied human versions of life experience, knowledge, creativity, common sense and diligence, your silence tells only of your feelings of powerlessness and disillusionment.

It's too hard and takes too much time to get the information you need, too hard to figure out the system once you have the information you need and besides, no one else cares, either.

Game over, right?

But it isn't. We say remarkable people with remarkable talents and good judgment live in our communities.

Banishing disillusionment can be easy: say what you will.


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